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We provide you with a world class website. Our websites are simple yet effective. Easy to read and easy to navigate.

We help you find the best website name and help you register the correct type of website extension for your business be it a .com or a .com.au

We can assist you find the most efficient and cost-effective website hosting provider.
About Us

We have been creating websites for many years....

Having a 34-year background in financial and marketing management we know what issues small businesses face in the modern world of high tech.

The websites we create are simple to read and navigate. We try not to add too many fancy bells and whistles so your senior viewers can also enjoy your website.

This market share is rapidly growing each year and recent studies have shown If your website is too busy seniors tend to move to another site.

All our sites are mobile friendly and accessible on most platforms.

Here are some of the websites we have created.


A large collector of PNG artifacts requested us to design a website to display his collection to the world.
(This is a private website so we can only show you the front page)


This is a personal website created to display data from a local weather station. The community can now view the weather details for their own town and not rely on weather given for the larger metropolitan areas.


This website was created for a busy wedding celebrant in Far North Queensland. It was one of the first websites we created.


This project was to initially established by us as a small township Community Web Site.
The Garfield Community Website Association has since incorporated and we have handed over the ownership of this project.


We were approached to enhance this website with a professional look and new product photos.


Ben wanted a professional website to promote his business but wanted to keep it simple.
What Clients Say About Us
"I would like to thank John for the fantastic work on content writing for my site."
"I'd say that Hendo's Web Design is excellent and it is some of the best service I have received both online and offline in a long time."
"The content looks fantastic. What a great thing you have done for our little town."
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ABN No: 94 642 212 036
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